PRE-CONFERENCE (Monday, September 16, 2019)

The pre-conference is a key part of WICC’s Indigenous knowledge and cultural programming. Delegates from Canada and beyond will be provided with the opportunity to participate in show casing traditional Indigenous knowledge-based research and cultural activities. It is anticipated knowledge exchange and transfer will include traditional knowledge and teaching sessions and ceremony. Taking place on Treaty 7 and Métis Nation Zone 3 territory in the heart of Calgary. First Nations, Inuit and Métis Elder /Knowledge Holders will lead Nation and/or community sessions based on their own cultures. These pre-conference events will ground the conference that follows in Indigenous contexts and provide delegates with a rich experience grounded in Indigenous knowledge, ceremony & culture that touches the human spirit in a way delegates won’t soon forget!

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Registration is still open for the preconference.  If interested, please register on the “Registration Page” HERE!